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Beyond Functionality: The Versatility of Commercial Doors in Modern Design

For most designers and contractors, doors are thought of primarily as a means of entry or egress. As such they are thought normally to go into a project towards the final phases. Most see doors as side hinged, swinging types with hardware for opening, closing and perhaps locking. Doors can be so much more.

Commercial doors today can are used in a myriad of applications. Not only are they used for privacy, but for security, fire and smoke protection, protection from tornadic or hurricane force winds and windborne debris, and in some cases for blast and ballistic protection.

Doors that go beyond one’s typical thinking of 3’0” x 7’0” are available. Doors can protect openings as large as 60’ or 40’ tall. Those sizes are not usually seen, but doors in the 10’ to 30’ are not that unusual today. These “smaller” specialty doors can come with or without egress, manual or motorized, vertical acting, side acting or folding type doors. They can come in different materials such as fabric and still be fire and smoke rated.

As a designer or contractor choosing the right door for your special application is always a challenge. Where do you find Revit details or specifications? With all the various choices how does one know which is right for the designed opening? These are valid and good questions.

McKeon Door of DC has been there for you for many years. The staff at McKeon Door DC has always been willing to meet to discuss projects and suggest solutions. That is a great service, but sometime a designer has to have the information available at any time.

McKeon Door DC has the answer at your fingertips. Our website now has a series of questions that can be answered quickly and easily and provide you with a product that fits your needs based on how you answered the questions. Whether it is a fabric fire and smoke rated door, an accordion door with a standard egress door or a large rolling steel door with or without egress, your answers provide a solution.

Of course and as always,  we are excited and available to meet, consult and help you get what fits best in your project.

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