BulletShield™ Models BT1000 & BT3000

The McKEON BulletShield Models BT1000 and BT3000 have been tested, certified and listed as rolling door assemblies in accordance with UL 752, 11th Edition for bullet resistance ratings.

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BlastShield™ BL6000

The McKEON BlastShield™ Model BL6000 blast resistant door was tested and certified in accordance with ASTM F2927-21 Standard Test Method for Door Systems Subject to Airblast Loadings. The McKEON BlastShield Model BL6000 not only passed all the requirements of the ASTM F2927-21 shock tube test, it achieved extremely high results for the industry.

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Auto-Set® Model S4000

The automatic resetting S4000 is a side coiling smoke and fire door. The S4000’s side activated design makes this product ideal for openings in rated walls where headroom is limited and enables the door to navigate around tight curves and contoured openings.

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Auto-Set® H200 Series

The automatic closing H200 Series horizontal shutters prevent the migration of heat, smoke or hot/toxic gases by creating vertical compartments thereby separating the vertical spaces from one another. Horizontal fire shutters reduce construction costs. Smoke evacuation systems can become unnecessary and one horizontal fire shutter can be used in lieu of numerous conventional fire barriers on multiple floors.

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S7000 Series

S7000 Series fire door systems are available in both manual or motor operated designs and with or without swing type egress doors.S7000 Series doors are side acting therefore ideal for openings in fire walls where headroom is limited. The side activated design enables these fire doors to navigate around tight curves and contoured openings.

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Safescape® T5000

This smoke and fire rated door assembly is designed to coil at the top allowing the rigid bottom frame with fixed egress doors to lower when deployed.Once in place, the single or multiple swinging egress doors provide complying egress. Large occupant loads and wide-span openings are easily accommodated by the McKEON T5000.

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