One Loudoun, Three Side-Sliding Solutions

One Loudoun, Three Side-Sliding Solutions

In more commercial projects than not, required exit stairs recycle the same concept that building occupants are accustomed in seeing – a fully enclosed rated shaft with swing fire doors.

The struggle for the architectural design team at One Loudoun – a mixed-use office building within a larger community of restaurants, hotels and shops in Ashburn, VA, – was the archetypical approach versus the modern office floorplan. The age-old, algorithmic design of closed-in versus one of open continuity between floors and elongated sight lines.

Which route do you think the design team took?

Plentiful side room and the need for fixed egress steered the architect into choosing Model S7700 – a 3HR UL 10B-rated, motorized, horizontally sliding fire shutter that operates like a sliding pocket door. It requires a fixed dimension, the width of the opening plus twenty-four inches (24”) of space within the adjacent wall, but uses hardware minimalists have grown to love. Just over a two-inch (2”) head track within the finished ceiling and only a seven-inch (7”) cavity at the pocket wall will satisfy the visual desires of architects and business owners alike.

Building code requirements can oftentimes appear insurmountable when met with design preferences. It is beneficial to exhaust the plentiful options on the market today when these challenges arise.

The result of a consultation with McKEON at One Loudoun? Beautiful, open continuity at the multi-story stair that officegoers enjoy daily.


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