UL1784 Smoke Rated Curtain

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SmokeFighter® Model D500S

McKEON has added an advanced technology to its tested and proven SmokeFighter Series … vertical acting smoke protective curtains that form floor-to-ceiling enclosures without mullions or corner posts!

Unique configurations are no challenge. This UL1784 labeled Smoke Curtain technology creates its own corners and jambs, vertically acting without any cumbersome features. Its corner profile is unmatched in the industry! The system installs with ease, operates smoothly and simply, and conceals beautifully in the finished ceiling.

D500S Product Page

SmokeFighter® Model D150

This technology provides a compliant solution where the model building codes prescribe smoke only separation and egress is not required.The Smoke curtain is fixed in place with side guides and bottom bars so smoke is handily contained when the building goes into an alarm condition.

D150 Product Page