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BlastShield™ Model BL6000 Series | Vertical Acting Blast Security Door

BlastShield™ Model BL6000 Series | Vertical Acting Blast Security Door


  • Dusky Charcoal 
  • RAL Powder Coat (188 Colors)


  • ASTM F2927-21 - Shock Tube Test Independently tested by Intertek 
  • Level Category II - ASTM Damage 
  • 12 PSI Peak Reflected Pressure (1,440 psf).


  • Sizes based on desired Damage Level Category, Peak Reflected Pressure and project design requirements


  • Not available in this model 


  • Not available in this model 


  • Power motor operation 

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BlastShield™ BL6000 Cut Sheet

If you have any addtional questions please call us at (301) 801-6329 or email us at

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Motor Operated (BL6000)

This unit can be operated with provided control station for motor operation. CAD files are available upon request.

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  • Dusky Charcoal (-D)

    This product is available in standard finish of Dusky Charcoal. This option provides for one color option - Charcoal Finish.

  • ASTM F2927-21 Tested

    The McKEON BlastShield Model BL6000 not only passed all the requirements of the ASTM F2927-21 shock tube test, it achieved extremely high results for the industry.

  • RAL Powder Coat (-PC)

    This product is available with powder coat finish. This option comes with 188 standard colors. Download full chart below.

RAL Powder Coat Chart

Standard color selection is available with RAL Powder Coat spec selection.

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BlastShield™ Model BL6000 Testing

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