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SafeSpace™ 500 Series | FEMA 361 Certified

SafeSpace™ 500 Series | FEMA 361 Certified


  • Standard Baked Enamel (Grey) 
  • RAL Powder Coat (188 Colors)


  • Wind Pressure: Design Wind Pressure (DWP) of 200 PSF (subjected to 240 PSF which equals 1.2 times the DWP_ in accordance with ASTM E330) 
  • Large Missile Impact: Withstand a large missile impact in accordance with ASTM E1886 for FEMA 361 assemblies


Non-Fire Rated Assemblies

  • Widths 2′-10″ to 20′-3″
  • Heights 3′-6″ to 18′-0″

Fire Rated Assemblies

  • Widths 4′-4″ to 16′-4″
  • Heights 4′-0″ to 18′-0″


  • Not available in this model 


  • 1-3 HR Fire Rating under UL10B
  • Smoke & Draft labeled UL 1784
  • See model SS500F below 


  • Tornado Resistance: +252 / -252 PSF
  • Tornado Impact: 100 MPH 15 lbs.
  • Hurricane Resistance: +201 / -201 PSF
  • Hurricane Impact: 100 MPH 9 – 15 lbs


  • ICC 500 (2014 & 2020): ICC 500/NSSA Standard for the Design & Construction of Storm Shelters
  • FEMA 361 (3rd & 4th Editions): FEMA Standard for the Design and Construction of Safe Rooms for Tornadoes and Hurricanes
  • CCRR-1086 is applicable to SafeSpace 500F & 500F-IS


  • Power motor operation 

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SafeSpace™ 500 Cut Sheet

If you have any addtional questions please call us at (301) 801-6329 or email us at

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Motor Operated (SafeSpace™ 500 )

This unit can be operated with provided control station for motor operation. CAD files are available upon request.

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  • McKeon Sterling Grey (-G)

    This product is available in standard baked enamel finish or McKeon Sterling Grey. This option provides for one color option - Grey.

  • ID Slat Profile

    This product can be provided with type ID insulated slat profile which provides R Value of 9.38.

  • RAL Powder Coat (-PC)

    This product is available with powder coat finish. This option comes with 188 standard colors. Download full chart below.

RAL Powder Coat Chart

Standard color selection is available with RAL Powder Coat spec selection.

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SafeSpace™ 500 Series

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