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EntryShield™ FE6000 Series | Vertical Acting Forced Entry Security Door

EntryShield™ FE6000 Series | Vertical Acting Forced Entry Security Door


  • Natural Metal  
  • RAL Powder Coat (188 Colors) 


  • ASTM F3038 -  Certified and listed for up to 60 minutes
  • Largest successfully tested overhead coiling door in the industry


  • Widths to 20'-3 1/2" 
  • Heights to 18'-0"    
  • For larger sizes and custom configurations consult the factory 


  • Not available . See Model IS3000E (without forced entry requirement) if egress is needed 


  • Not available (see FSFDCFST2000, or T5000 if fire rating is needed - without forced entry requirement) 

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EntryShield™ FE6000 Series Cut Sheet

If you have any addtional questions please call us at (301) 801-6329 or email us at

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Motor Operated (Model FE6000)

This unit can be operated with provided control station for motor operation. CAD files are available upon request.

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  • Natural Metal (-N)

    This product is available in a natural metal finish. All other steel components of McKeon Sterling Gray.

  • Extruded Alloy Insulated Slat

    Insulation is optional and is provided with thick foamed-in-place polyurethane that permanently bonds to the slat.

  • RAL Powder Coat (-PC)

    This product is available with powder coat finish. This option comes with 188 standard colors. Download full chart below.

RAL Powder Coat Chart

Standard color selection is available with RAL Powder Coat spec selection.

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EntryShield™ FE6000 | Forced Entry Coiling Door

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